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Data-Driven Decision Making Starts Here. 

enterprise data solutions

Enterprise Data Solutions (EDS): Reporting that Supports Strategic Decisions

Intentional, smart planning and strategy starts with good information and data.

Data-driven decision making creates consistency—enabling the University of Nebraska system to predict future trends, optimize current operational efforts, create new business opportunities, generate more revenue, and produce actionable insights.

It ensures that decisions are free of bias and focused on empowering our organization.

EDS has created reports in several key categories—collecting data, extracting patterns and facts and presenting those facts in a clear and usable way. Each category below has corresponding reports that will provide data-driven insights to users.

enterprise data solutions official report

Official Report Certification

All reports from EDS will contain a watermark certifying them as official. This means the report was created by EDS, using methodology consistent with all other reports from this group and pulling from official data sources.


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